Smoke Free

Cerro Castor is an exotic natural destination. The sea and the mountain come together to offer a unique landscape turned white in winter.

It is of utmost importance to preserve the environment and Cerro Castor strives to preserve a pollution free mountain. This is a task that should be conducted by the staff and the tourists. To protect the natural environment surrounding this spectacular end of the world ski resort is of paramount importance.

As a starting point, Cerro Castor has decided to label itself under the title “mountain: clean air” and this means no smoking in indoor places (buildings, lounges, shelters, etc.) within the Cerro Castor ski resort. In case of smoking outdoor, please make sure to light the cigarette off and keep the filter in your pocket and then throw it to the nearest garbage can (always checking it is off). We should all collaborate, on a daily basis, to enjoy this pure mountain in a unique landscape.


Every year, hard work is done on the mountain during summer time to leave the snowmass trails in the best conditions for the next winter season.

From the 600 meter top to the bottom, a special machine work of trail sowing and raking is performed. This allows the ski slopes to always be in good conditions, since the grass is the best isolation agent between the soil and the snow.

During the thawing season, the grass helps the snow melt at a slower pace. This phenomenon is reinforced thanks to the frosting season from middle May onwards, resulting in a perfect soil to receive later snow falls.