A Park that is growing stronger year after year.

It is located in an area especially selected and designed for its development, with a very good slope and surrounded by a lenga-tree forest under the Park ski lifts with four seats, which takes you to enjoy another downhill run, passing through the Park circuit, in only 8 minutes.

Cerro Castor Snowpark is one of the most modern parks in Argentina. It features 3 hills made of turned over earth in summer which, with the first strokes of snow, can be mounted into three ski-jump ramps with very good landings and different heights. Thanks to this, shapers can have the jump ramps open from the onset of the season.

In addition to jump ramps, beginners have an area with doobies, boxes, and flat rails which are ideal for the first steps in Freestyle. Additionally, those who have been practicing Freestyle for a while have round and flat rails, double kinks, San Francisco flips, and different-length boxes which can be mounted into varied modules.

You can enjoy both your first slides down the Snowpark and your Freestyle improvement under the guidance of Cerro Castor School’s instructors qualified in these fields, with special programs such as private and group lessons, or specific master classes. In this part of the mountain, the focus is always on the RipCurl Meeting Point –the Snowpark cottage from whose decks DJ turntables liven up the day. This is the meeting point for all events scheduled at the Park.

Throughout the season, different competitions for local and foreign riders who come to share a day where Freestyle in the snow is the main guest are organized at the Snowpark. These competitions are geared both to riders who are just beginning to practice theses sports and to Freestyle experts and professionals who arrive at Castor to do amazing tricks.

For these events, modules are arranged very creatively thanks to the excellent work made by shapers and machines, leaving the Snowpark as a true amusement park for freestylers to enjoy and offer a show worth watching for tourists visiting the area. The Director of the Ski and Snowboard School of Cerro Castor invites you to learn about and participate in all the events scheduled at out Snowpark, taking into account Safety as the basic principle, with the MANDATORY USE OF HELMET and following the rules of behavior at Snowpark.