Cerro Castor 2016 News


» Extended parking place
» Duplicated sewage treatment capacity enhanced for 10 years

Lift Facilities and Trails

» New Chimango 1050 m long black trail from the upper part of Aguila Mora trail to Senda Guanaco trail with a 300 meter slope
» New circuit called Castor Cross -950 m long- was built and specially designed for Ski/Border
» New 24 meter metal tunnel on 1st Magic Carpet at beginners’ area
» General maintenance of trails during the summer for reconditioning for 2016 winter season

Services and Equipment

» Implementation of online tourist pass sale system
» Construction of 392 square meter Natural skating trail at the bottom overlooking Morada del Águila restaurant
» Renewal of 30% of the rental equipment of Cerro Castor (Skis, Boots, Snowboards and Helmets)
» Addition of 1 new snowgun
» New notices with Trail Maps located at 3 strategic points in the mountain: altitude 420, altitude 480, and altitude 600


» Renovation of Terrazas del Castor restaurant furniture