Children School

Children School

For children between 7 and 13 years old.

Ideal for 7-to-13-year-old children to begin to learn and have fun. The groups –ideally made up of students with the same technical level and a maximum of 12 students- will be the means for the children to enjoy the challenges of the Castor’s snowmass trails.

The SB (Snowboard) School is for children over 8 years old. It is daily engaged and lessons are semi-exclusive.

Children School lessons begin at 10:00 am at THE BASE, by the skilift facilities in the woods and finish at 4:45 pm at the same place. Lessons are from SUNDAYS TO MONDAYS FOR BEGINNERS ONLY. Students with a certain ski level can join the school any day of the week as long as there are openings for the relevant level group. It is not mandatory to wear a helmet, but it is strongly recommended. Since it is a full day service, the Children School lessons include lunch and tea-time breaks at the different mountain’s lounges.

Limited Vacancies

Snow Kindergarten

For children between 3 and 6 years old.

A place where children can take their first steps in a safe environment and begin enjoying the wonderful landscape of the location and be part (just like their parents) of the amazing ski world.


Children can arrive at the new Children School at an Altitude of 480 at 9:45 am and can be withdrawn around 4:30 pm in the same place.

A full day of skiing includes lunch and tea time at the the Children School at an Altitude of 480, and the half-day begins at 13:45 pm (Beginner’s Area, Magic Carpets.)

For safety issues, activities will end at 4:30 pm at the 480 Children School.

The use of the helmet is mandatory.

Children with no toilet training will not be allowed wearing diapers.

What you need to spend a good day on the mountain:

Have breakfast before coming to the Kindergarten Children can bring snacks in their pockets.

Warm clothes: waterproof gloves and jacket, long underwear, stockings, goggles, polar fleece neck warmer, sweatshirt or polar fleece sweatshirt, etc. (On the mountain we call it “the 4 layers”: jacket, polar fleece sweatshirt, turtleneck sweater, thermal T-shirt.)

Boots and skis (no ski pole used.)


A change of clothes (underwear and stockings) just in case the little ones have a "toilet accident" on the mountain.

Since every Friday we have a weekend Picnic, please bring some snacks to share with the other children.

Limited Vacancies